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Daily Special -
Roti with choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, goat
$6.50 - $7.99
Tuesday Special -
Oxtail with Rice & Peas
4.99Special of the day on Tuesday
Wednesday Special -
Jerk Chicken with rice & peas
4.99Special of the day on Wednesday
Thursday Special -
Stewed chicken with rice & red beans
4.99Special of the day on Thursday
Friday Special -
Fried chicken, chow mein & fried rice Trinidad style
$4.99Special of the day on Friday
Every day -
Durham's best Doubles, Aloo Pies, Fish Pies. Paratha roti
$1.25 - $2
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If there is a discrepancy between the establishment's online price and the price at their business establishment; the latter shall be considered the correct price.

Red Pepper Menu

877 Bayly Street, Pickering, ON

Caribbean and Canadian cuisine

(416) 897-3487